Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group welcome new Chair

The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group are bidding a fond farewell to their current Chair Janice Perkins the former Pharmacy Superintendent at Well Pharmacy. They are however, delighted to announce that Victoria Steele, Superintendent Pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy and current Vice-Chair of the group, will take on the role. The Patient Safety Group are also really … Continue reading Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group welcome new Chair

Me and my medicines

The Patient Safety Group was pleased to welcome Graham Prestwich from "Me and My Medicines", to a recent meeting. "Me and My Medicines" is a campaign led by patients and supported by clinical staff to help people raise concerns and use their medicines better. The campaign encourages patients, families and carers to ask questions about their … Continue reading Me and my medicines

Medicines for Children

The Patient Safety Group was delighted to welcome Andy Fox from Medicines for Children, to a recent meeting. The project which is jointly run by the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health (RCPCH) WellChild and the Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacy Group (NPPG), provides practical and accurate information on paediatric medicines, addressing the issues which … Continue reading Medicines for Children

Pregabalin guidance

Pregabalin is predominantly used in the treatment of epilepsy and for anxiety disorders. It can be misused either through overuse of the prescribed amount, or through recreational use. In the last few years, there has been a marked increase in the number of people being prescribed Pregabalin and sadly the number of deaths caused by … Continue reading Pregabalin guidance