Record, Learn, Share, Act, Review

The community pharmacy Patient Safety Group used inputs from a Patient Safety Forum held in November 2015 and feedback to the safety culture survey, to develop a core set of incident reporting Report, Learn, Share, Act, Review. In 2022 we amended the principles to Record, Learn, Share, Act, Review  – to further promote a culture of sharing and learning.

It is our firm belief that all community pharmacy team members will be able to sign up to and embed the Record, Learn, Share, Act, Review principles in their everyday procedures.  The principles can (and should) also apply in other healthcare settings.

Principles card 2022
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These principles form one piece of work which the community pharmacy Medication Safety Officers (MSOs) are doing to help fulfil their duty in increasing recording and improving learning from incidents across their own organisations and for the pharmacies they represent.

Professional standards

The principles were also used by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK and Pharmaceutical Forum of Northern Ireland to shape their professional reporting standards for pharmacy professionals.

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