Safety culture survey

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group has launched a survey to better understand the culture of safety reporting within community pharmacy.

The survey, which will gather views anonymously, is open to all members of the community pharmacy team.

The survey will explore:

  • The culture around safety reporting
  • Enablers and barriers to reporting
  • The clarity of reporting processes and the confidence of colleagues in reporting.

The survey which previously ran in 2016 and 2019, will also consider whether attitudes to safety reporting have changed.

Janice Perkins, Chair of the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group said:

“Community pharmacies deliver incredibly safe care. Openly sharing when things go wrong is an essential part of improving practice in the pharmacy and helping our teams and the wider health care sector learn from mistakes.

“We are carrying out this survey to build a picture of current reporting practices and attitudes to reporting. This will allow us to better understand how teams can be further supported to report safety incidents and in doing so improve safety for our patients.”

“To do this we need your support – and we are encouraging all community pharmacy colleagues to share their views.”