Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020/2021

Patient Safety is a priority for everyone working within community pharmacy.  In 2016 a Community Pharmacy Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) was introduced. It was designed to reward the delivery of safe and effective care which takes into account patient experience.

The scheme was updated as part of the new Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework for 2019/20 to 2023/24 and renamed the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS). The aim of the updated scheme is to encourage community pharmacy to integrate with the wider NHS system and support the delivery of even safer, accessible healthcare to patients by incentivising certain activities. 

The PQS for 2020/2021 is split into two parts:

  • Part 1: PQS 2020/21:  Essential Criteria Checklist consists of activities that focus on COVID-19. 
  • Part 2: PQS 2020/21: supports the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan and  incentivises quality improvement in areas that support the COVID-19 response.

Read PSNC’s briefing checklist for Part 1 of the Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020/2021

Read PSNC’s briefing on  Part 2 of the Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020/2021

Read NHS England’s guidance on Part 2 of  the Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020//2021

The risk management domain includes undertaking risk reviews on the risk of missing sepsis identification  and the risk of missing red-flag symptoms during  over-the -counter consultations. To support contractors complete the risk reviews, guidance and templates have been developed. 

See Risk Review templates and guidance 

The following resource outlines key facts, symptoms and risk factors for sepsis.  

See sepsis resource

Going forward members will continue to support their pharmacy teams to meet the new quality criteria.